6th November 2008 under What I think

Is there really an easy way?

I must say that its been quite a while since I expressed myself on this blog. I know this sounds like the regular cliche excuse but I have been busy. I have also been very broke. Sometimes it feels like I am living the broke but almost rich lifestyle. So now that I am done with the excuses I would like to continue with my post. In the past month, I have been working on this crack down of a project with some software development company. Through this project I have had the opportunity to meet a few of the developpers who actually turn the IT wheels here in Ghana (although there are technically three people working on my project and the other two are not related to this articvle). I am trying hard to learn a lot about this "IT business" as it is called in Ghana but my first lessons have not been pleasant ones.

I guess I have seen everything from unneccesary deadlines to poorly developped applications but one thing that I realized in general is that everybody is constantly in search of an easy way to finish something quickly and move on. It might be true that this is how everybody is working around the world (I mean with all the talk going on about rapid application development and all that), but I feel down here most people just have it wrong. We go around trying to find a way that works fast and better yet we end up working with something that is obviously not up to the task in any way. It might sound like I am just trying to air my frustrations on this blog but it is not so (although that is what blogs are for). The real truth is that it is difficult finding a relationship between what one is taught in school and what you meet in the real world. Things are much more different and I guess there are only two choices for me. Either I adapt to the industry or I try to influence it. The first option sounds like the best because the second one is very ambitious. However, the second one is worth giving a try. Well for now I think I just have to shut up and keep all my worries to myself.

Please not that blogs are for self expression. Not everything is written for people to read. But if you read through this and it didn't make any sense then ...