30th May 2008 under What I think

Microsoft Windows and the "Refreshing" Misconception!

I have a friend who is stuck on to Microsoft Windows. He is always blowing the windows horn and he would readily stand up to defend MS-windows in any situation.This friend always tries to show off cool things that MS-Windows can do that Linux can't. We always argue about the power of windows and linux. Just last week I paid a visit to this friend and he was teaching his girlfriend how to use the computer (he was actually teaching her how to use microsoft windows). He was explaining the options in the pop-up menu that appears when you right-click on the desktop. When he got to the refresh option he said:

This option allows you to refresh the computers CPU and memory so that when any program is frozen it can be refreshed.

I instantly burst out laughing and he wondered why. I must state here that I personally don't have anything against MS-Windows but I just can stand it when someone lies to defend it. I argued with him for a while about this issue but he didn't agree. I even gave him vivid proof but he still didn't take it. When I got home, I asked another friend of mine what he thought the refresh button on the windows desktop did. This time I wasn't surprised when he said that it refreshed the memory of the computer. Curious to find out the general perception I asked so many people who were expected to be experts in the computer field. Most of the people I asked said that it refreshed the CPU and the memory. I now understood why some people minimized their running applications and constantly refreshed the desktop when something was freezing or not responding. They don't know that they are actually giving the CPU more work to do! From what I understand as far as computers are concerned, the refresh button on the desktop is intended to refresh the state of the icons on the desktop. I stand to be challenged by anyone who thinks otherwise. Personally I think Microsoft should label the "Refresh" menu option as "Refresh Desktop Icons .." that would help remove this misconception and false belief.